Specialist Areas

Art history

With a background in fine art, I work freelance with the National Galleries of Scotland as an educator in art history. My specific areas of knowledge are:

  • fifteenth-century Florentine painting
  • sixteenth-century Venetian painting
  • seventeenth-century Spanish, Dutch and Flemish painting
  • eighteenth-century English and Italian painting
  • nineteenth-century English, French and North American painting
  • seventeenth- to the twentieth-century Scottish painting
  • twentieth-century art
  • contemporary art.

Social science

My post-graduate Master’s degree is in Cultural and Media Studies. This broad and cross-disciplinary course focused principally on the following areas of sociological study:

  • film and television studies
  • psychoanalytical theory and the psychosocial
  • media theory
  • postmodern and post-structuralist theory
  • feminist studies
  • cultural studies.

My dissertation broadened the scope of research to Scottish media and Scottish history.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

I worked at both Stirling University and the Edinburgh School of English as a TEFL teacher and also taught English in Italy.

My TEFL background gives me a particular feel for the work of writers using English as a foreign or second language, and I am happy to provide structured comments that can be applied to improve your use of the English language. Please contact me for a rate for this service on submission of examples of your written work.

Personal and professional interests

I am involved in documentary film-making, enjoy birdwatching and I am a member of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. I also have a keen interest in architecture. Finally, I follow fashion and have worked with both Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Department and Heriot Watt University School of Textiles and Design on partnership educational projects.