The following editing and proofreading services are available:

Proofreading – checks grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.

Copy-editing – tackles clarity, organisation, structure, errors of fact and contradiction, as well as carrying out the checks involved in proofreading. If there is not a house style for fonts, headings etc, I can produce a style guide for use.

Substantial editing – involves a significant focus on the structure and organisation of information, and the use of language. This editing approach ensures that the written material is fluid, communicative and appropriate for the intended audience.

Rewriting – can be carried out to achieve a professional result in publicity materials or reports, enabling clear and engaging communication with clients, customers or business associates.

Please get in touch if you require further information on the appropriate service for your needs.


I welcome enquiries from individuals and organisations in whichever field of enterprise or study requiring editing services:


I can provide proofreading and copy-editing services for publishing firms. For information relating to my own particular fields of study and personal interests, please refer to Specialist Areas.


My educational background is in both fine art and sociology (please see Specialist Areas). However, I have an eclectic enthusiasm for many areas of study. I can provide proofreading services for the following materials:

  • essays
  • dissertations
  • doctoral theses
  • journal articles.

Please note that with regard to ethics and plagiarism issues, I can only proofread academic work and cannot advise on content or rewrite on the author’s behalf.


The article below outlines research undertaken which points out that spelling mistakes on commercial websites can reduce earnings by half: the public is wary of fraud online and spelling errors cause alarm bells to ring. Fresh eyes, and an ability to pick up on common errors, can ensure a professional and trustworthy presentation for your website.

Publicity material or any written document, be it online or in other formats, can be checked to assure your clients and commercial networks that the attention to detail and high standards in your written communication is evident in all areas of your business. The following types of material can benefit from proofreading or copy-editing:

  • advertisements
  • brochures
  • display panels
  • pamphlets
  • posters
  • reports
  • press releases
  • websites.

This is not an exhaustive list, and I am happy to work on any written document requiring proofreading or editing services.