You can submit your material either as a Word document or in hard copy form. I can provide you with a Track Changes form of check, and/or with corrections unmarked.

For general enquiries email

Alternatively submit your document and details here.

If you have a specific deadline, please supply the required date and I will inform you if this is possible. Tight deadlines are welcome, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have found that your document has taken longer than planned to write!

When my schedule is full, I can call on the services of Peter McCluskey for non-publishing work. Peter is a journalist with ten years’ experience subediting on Scottish broadsheet newspapers and five years working on page layout for a local newspaper group. His academic background is in English literature and philosophy and his professional areas of knowledge are news and sport.

I provide a confidential service and will treat all material submitted accordingly (see Terms and Conditions), and if you would prefer documents to be checked in-house, please ask and I will let you know if this is possible.

Please also contact me if you have any other queries regarding your proofreading or editing requirements. For clarity, email is preferred for initial contact, and I will reply to enquiries within 24 hours.